Dr. Patricia DePra is an Assistant Professor at Westfield State College, located at the foot of the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Her Ph.D. from Northwestern University focused on conductive polymers. Her claims to fame include impersonating molecules during class, Co-Coaching the WSC Poetry Slam team, and "Make That Molecule!", an interactive workshop designed to make learning organic synthesis fun. She loves chocolate covered cannoli, inventive vegetarian cuisine, bacon, NYT crosswords, and gourmet coffee. Scrabble, anyone? Curriculum Vitae
    Dr. Robert Badger Bob suffers a severe addiction to computers and their potential applications in higher education. Currently he is involved in an innovative program to provide access to UW-Stevens Point NMR instrumentation for two year and four year Wisconsin colleges and universities via the internet. In addition, he is active in the Polymer Science Learning Center for which he is developing a free spectral viewer and a free database of IR, NMR and Mass spectral data of simple organic compounds, monomers and polymers. In his spare time he feeds his addiction by consulting with the UW-Stevens Point Information Technology department on Macintosh computers within the campus environment. Curriculum Vitae
    Dr. Lon J. Mathias is a full professor in polymer science involved in research in a wide range of polymer areas, most recently including biomaterials and biopolymers. His education activities involve many aspects of multimedia and web-delivered polymer-based materials development. NSF-funded projects include the Polymer Science Learning Center which includes the widely-used Macrogalleria, a polymer-emphasis REU site (students needed!), and several summer workshops for college and K-12 educators (see the link above for typical activities). Feel free to ask for more information about these projects; better yet, come and join us! Curriculum Vitae
    Dr. Larry Scheich has been teaching chemistry at St. Norbert College for 17 years. Current projects include development of an electronic database of experiments for general chemistry for EMCParadigm Custom Publishing in St. Paul, MN., and using Labview software for data collection and analysis in the general chemistry courses at St. Norbert. Other interests include biking, horseback riding and spending time at USM developing polymer science demonstrations. Curriculum Vitae.
    Dr. Jeff Seyler is an associate professor of chemistry at the University of Southern Indiana. He is active in his local ACS Section, IN-KY Border, having served as the chair twice within the last 5 years. Dr. Seyler is interested in advancing K-12 science education, illustrated by his participation in National Chemistry Week and classroom visits throughout the year. When he is not studying chemistry, Dr. Seyler likes to spend time with his family biking, camping and fishing.Curriculum Vitae