The Biological Dangers of Smoke and Fire

We are always trying to better understand how fire affects people's bodies, especially with the chemicals released in the burning of modern building materials which include many synthetic polymers. There are also numerous synthetic polymers in our homes and in our clothing. These all affect us when they burn or melt - not to mention that our bodies themselves are polymers as well.

Check out this basic information on the biological concerns we all should have when we consider how to react in a fire, as well as what is done to treat a fire victim and what role biology takes in fire and arson investigations. You will also find some questions and activities related to many of the topics listed.

How Dangerous is Fire?

How much time do I have?

What are the real dangers?

How is animal testing involved?

How does a burn happen?

What happens first?

How bad is the burn?

How are burn victims treated?