Two-Summer (2001 & 2002) RET Supplement for the Polymer REU Program Department of Polymer Science at the University of Southern Mississippi

Lon J. Mathias, Director

Summary of Proposed Work
Two high school science/chemistry teachers from the area near the University of Southern Mississippi will participate full-time for two summer months each of one of the two years in the on-going REU program for college students.  Four types of activities will be pursued by these four teachers:
This unique combination of experiences will be further enhanced by the Polymer Science Learning Center infrastructure for continued pursuit of the educational component.  For example, the assessment and evaluation of student impact will include monthly meetings in the PSLC to organize feedback, revise and extend the content as needed, and correlate student response and performance.  Each summer's budget totals $27,500 with a two-year total of $55,000.

submitted April 2001

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