The Pluperfect Polymer Activity Page

Doing Neat Stuff With Polymers

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This page is dedicated to the one you love...

No, that's not right, it's dedicated to POLYMERS, those wonderful, cuddly and sometimes fluffy little molecules (actually BIG molecules) that we all love to play with. Don't know what I'm talking about? Boy, are you out in left field! (That means: "You've got a lot to learn before we let you play in the in-field.")

So why are you here then if you don't know much about polymers? There's an old saying,

"The best way to learn how to fish is to go fishing."

Let's go fishing for polymers: what they are, how they're used, why they are so different from other stuff in our world, and why they are so important for you to know about.

There are several links below that are pretty obvious.