Game Design 99
Are You Creative?
Do You Enjoy Playing Games On The Web?
Do You Enjoy Science?
Do You Need A Project For Your Thesis?
Have You Ever Thought Of Creating A Game For The Web?
Well, Here's Your Chance!
  The Consortium for Polymer and Materials Education is Challenging You to Design a Game for the Web.


The Game Design 99 contest is 
a part of our ongoing endeavor
to offer a comprehensive selection
of educational on-line opportunities
for learning about polymer science.
To prepare an entry, you can work
individually or with a team to
design a game.
All entries will be reviewed and
the top ten will be selected to
receive prizes. Each entry that
meets the requirements will be
invited to a lab forum to show their
ideas and meet people from the
Polymer Science, Materials Science,
and Bio-Materials Learning Center
Design Teams and the Consortium
for Polymer and Materials Education.
Game Design 99 is designed to 
challenge those interested to use
their knowledge of computers and
science to create games for use in
polymer education through the Web.
Prizes will be given to the top ten
entries.  All Prizes will be donated
by sponsors.  The Consortium for
Polymer and Materials
Education (CPME) will choose
the top games that will 
become a part of the
public domain for the CPME sites.
The games chosen to become a
part of the CPME sites will give
full credit to the designers.
The CPME asks that if a designer 
decides to sell their game 
in the future, they inform the 
buyer that it is also a part 
of the CPME sites for polymer 
and materials education.
Entry Requirements
  • Create a Game for use with the Shockwave Plug-in.
  • The game should teach players something about polymers.
  • The games should target one of the following categories:
      • Beginner
      • Intermediate
      • Advanced
  • Entries should be submitted electronically.
  • Formatted for use on the Web. (Windows and Mac Compatible)
  • Each entry should be submitted with a no more than two page written description of the game and how it is played.
  • We expect all games to be designed suitable for children.
  • Entries should be submitted by December 1st, 1999.
    Upon meeting the entry requirements, the entries will be judged upon the following criteria: 
      • Clear Written Description
      • Presentation
      • Entertainment Level
      • General Effect
      • Time to Load
      • Scientific Knowledge Gained
      • Originality
      • Potential for expansion

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