Lesson Plans and/or Teaching Modules

Do you have a lesson plan and/or a teaching module that you've developed that involves polymers? Have you tested it with your students and gotten rave reviews?

Don't you wish that once, just once, someone would recognize and appreciate the hard work that you do in developing great teaching stuff?

This is your lucky day!!

Send us your lesson plan and/or module, and if it's a concept/activity that we have not yet posted on our site, (or a significant addition or extension to a plan that we have posted) then:

Your lesson plan will be posted on the Kids' Macrogalleria web site, acknowledging you as author. As a result, you will receive the worldwide fame that you rightly deserve!

You will also receive:

Ready? Here's How:

We prefer electronic submissions sent to: Polymer Science Learning Center.

If you prefer to use snail mail (or if you have figures/artwork you'd prefer not to send as email) please send the text of your plan (as a plain text file) on a CD or floppy disk. (If we have to retype it, it might take forever!)

Our mailing address is:

Dr. Lon J. Mathias
PSLC - Kids' Macrogalleria
118 College Avenue
University of Southern Mississippi
Hattiesburg, MS  39406

Be sure to include:

Oh, we gotta say this little legal note: We'd love to have as many lesson plans and modules as you'd like to share with us, but we can only send one prize package per teacher. Of course, your fame will be multiplied!

Thanks! We can't wait to hear from you !

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