The Players

Introducing the cast of this theater mystery. Once you know the people who were witness to the fire and its results then you can read Paul Lemur's notes as he questioned them and try to figure out who the culprit is.

The Suspects

Neil Peckinpaugh--Neil's family has owned the theater since it was built over 100 years ago. He is well liked and respected by all of his employees, however, it has been reported that he has been experiencing some spells of personal financial trouble and his temperament has recently changed.
Wanda Williams--Wanda is a very beautiful actress. It is not kept a secret from her that the only reason she lands some of her roles is because of her looks. After learning about Neil's financial trouble, she is worried about whether she can get future jobs with the Polydelphia Playhouse..
Javier Sanchez--Javier has been the stage manager for the Polydelphia Playhouse for the past five years. He has been up for a promotion for the last two years, but he has not received it yet.
Buster Kidman--Buster is everyone's favorite employee. He has worked at the theater as a janitor for over forty years. Buster is very observant and seems to know all the latest gossip. He was the first person, aside from the arsonist, to be at the theater around rehearsal time the night of the fire.
Ric Harris--Ric, the director, has traveled extensively in Europe because of his work, but he enjoys the quiet life of Polydelphia. Ric has a fear that his alternative lifestyle will be discovered and this has left him with worries and paranoia about job security. He also worries that Neil will replace him with a more "average" director.

The Investigators

Bill Bleam--Bill was the first fireman on the scene. In an arson investigation, the first fireman on the scene is always questioned extensivly by the fire investigator.
Paul Lemur--Paul Lemur is the best fire investigator in the country, and it just so happens that he lives in Polydelphia, Mississippi.


Inspector Paul Lemur