Flash Activities

Here's a chance to just have some fun in the Kids' Macrogalleria or at home. And if you're not careful, you might learn a little bit about polymers at the same time.

These activities require a Flash Player, which may be on your computer already. If the activity window comes up blank you can download and install the Flash Player quickly here. If you don't know what to do, ask a parent or teacher for help.

Making a Virtual Polymer - see how polymers are made
Polymer Basics - see what polymers are in everyday life
Paul's Coloring Book - color Paul Lemur
Paul's Quest Game - a cool video game with science labs to discover and do along the way.
Paul's Polymer Dress-Up Game - Dress Paul Lemur in cool clothes and see what polymers he's wearing!
Paul's Health Game - learn some basic health concepts with Paul and Monomer.
Polymer matching Card Game - Use your memory to match the polymers
Polymer Music Mystery - join the gang from the Polydelphia Conservatory to learn about polymers in music


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