Level One:

Polymers are Everywhere!

To get a feel for what polymers are, let's find out where they are! Just point and click on a store you'd like to visit. Then look around and see all the neat stuff that's made out of polymers. Most of these stores look like what you'd find in most malls, but a few stores are unique, and have been created just for you. Have fun exploring!

Polymer Basics The Food Court Tons 'o' Toys Clothing Inc. Rodney the Roadie's Music Shop Dissonance Records Paul's Skate Shop Sandy's Polymer Bagpipes Big Ralph's Sportin' Stuff Big Splash Pool Palace Pit Lane Auto Parts Firewalker's Shoe Store

Firewalker's Shoe Store
Clothing Inc.
Pit Lane Auto Parts
Big Splash Pool Palace
Sandy's Bagpipes
Tons O' Toys

Paul's Skate Shop
Rodney the Roadie's Music Shop
Big Ralph's Sportin' Stuff
Dissonance Records
Food Court

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