Paul's Polymer Lab

These lab activities will really help you learn about polymers. They are great for in the classroom and some of them can even be done at home with the help of a parent. So see what it's like to do some science with polymers!

Kid's Macrogalleria Labs

These are some fun activities on various polymer subjects. Follow the links in each lab to learn more about all kinds of polymers.
Shrinking Polymers
Secret Messages
That's the Way the Ball Bounces
Crosslinked Gumdrops
Paul's Quest Game: a video game with cool lab projects


Gelatin Labs

Gelatin is a natural polymer that you will find often in everyday life. Try these labs to see how gelatin works.
Creepy Wigglers
Gelatin Prism
Expanding Gummy Bears
Gelatin for Drug Delivery

Kid's Macrogalleria Demos

These cool science demos can be used in the classroom to help teachers demonstrate basic concepts of polymer science and are great for Kids of all ages.


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