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Paul Lemur
Paul Lemur stays pretty busy here at the treehouse. He's got some pretty cool stuff to do here.

Paul Lemur's Everywhere - coloring book Paul's online coloring book will give you artists a chance to paint Paul any color you like. There are also activities which will help you learn about polymers. The Paul Lemur coloring book features Paul and all his favorite polymers as he does some of his favorite things in Polydelphia and beyond. Sone of the coloring book pages are in printable form so you can print them and color them for real. And your parents or treachers can even order complete coloring books from us here at PSLC. These are regular coloring books which include over 20 pages of coloring pictures and activitites which can be done at home or in class.

Flash Coloring Book Pages
Flash Activity Pages
Printable Coloring Book Pages

Paul also has a video game where he goes on an adventure to save the polymers in Polydelphia. Learn a little about polymers and the environment and have a lot of fun as Paul Lemur, using polymer science to battle bad guys in the desert, under the sea and even in outer space! This is a demo version of the final game, so some stuff in it won't be finished. But try it out for a preview of the final game! Use the arrow keys to steer Paul and use the Ctrl key to fire.

Video Game Demo

You will need Flash 5 software to play the game and use the coloring book. Many computers already have it, so give the links a try and if it is not loaded the computer should help you install it. Also see if your parents can help.

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