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POLYDELPHIA: Polymer Science Comes to Town

Welcome to Polydelphia! This is our internet polymer town. In each part of town there are ways to find out about polymers. Just pick a place you are interested in and you can learn about the polymers there. Paul Lemur will show you some of the best places for kids to learn about polymers here, so just follow him.

The Macrogalleria

The Macrogalleria is the heart of Polydelphia. It's the polymer mall where everyone does their shopping. It's also a great place to learn a lot about polymer science. Check out the Kids' Macrogalleria and see what polymers are in your favorite stores.

The Polyquarium

Did you know there are polymers in the ocean? The Polyquarium is a perfect place to see which polymers come from sea life and how we use them. Just about any kind of fish or sea mammal or shelled animal in the sea has some useful polymers. Check this place out. It's really cool!

Macroplex Cinema

Who doesn't love a good movie? At the Macroplex Cinema, find out about polymers used to make movies. Here you can see everything from polymers in the movie theater to the ones used to create cool special effects. Also find out what movie film is made of!

Polydelphia Ladder Company

At the Polydelphia Ladder Company polymers are used to fight fires and save lives every day. Visit Fireman Paul at the Polydelphia Firehouse to learn more about what polymers do to fight and prevent fires.

Polydelphia Conservatory

Hey, does anyone out there play in the band or take music lessons? Well, if so, this is the place for you. In the Polydelphia Conservatory we teach music and polymers at the same time. Find out about many different musical instruments and what they are made of.

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