Some Polymer Properties

Broad Classes: Mechanical; Thermal

how fast or slow it takes to flow; the more viscous, the slower it flows
tensile strength
how much it will stretch before it breaks
UV resistance
Will it fade or break down if it's out in the sun?
How heavy is a cube that measures 1 cm on each side?
scratch resistance
heat resistance
impact resistance
thermal conductivity
How well it conducts heat... Would this polymer be a good insulator against heat or cold?
electrical conductivity
How well it conducts electricity... Would this polymer be a good insulator for electrical wires?
transparency (transmittance)
how well does a piece of fabric drape over your arm?
how does fabric feel in your hand? (smooth or rough?)
compressive strength
how well does it stand up to being squished (or compressed)?
elongation at break
elasticity modulus in tension
creep modulus in tension
melting point
glass transition point
tensile impact strength
shear strength

And I'm sure that there are even more properties than these!