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How Polymers Work:  
Answers to those polymer imponderables!
And now for the practical side of polymers. It's one thing to know what a polymer is and what its properties are, but seeing all that in action in everyday life will really help you remember which polymers are useful for what. If you've ever looked at something made of polymers, like soda bottles, car tires or even the fabric in your clothing, and asked yourself "how did they do that?","how does that work?", or "what does this do?" then we just may have the answer for you! If you have a polymer question that we haven't posted the answer to, send us an email and we'll see about getting you an answer.

NOTE: Questions are not answered on demand as in time sensitive situations such as for research in reports or projects. Which questions we tackle and how quickly we answer them is at the discretion of the Polymer Science Learning Center. We will consider all relevant questions which pertain to the topic of "How Polymers Work."

Why does shrink wrap plastic shrink?
Why do dashboards crack?
What do those recycling numbers mean?
Why are blueprints blue?
What are Optical Fibers made of?
There are polymers in my shampoo!?

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