How Polymers Work:  
Answers to those polymer imponderables!

People have found out a lot of amazing things about polymers. They have also found some great ways to make polymers useful. Whenever new polymers have been invented or discovered, scientists and inventors find out the good qualities of polymers and then put them to work. But what makes those crazy polymers work the way they do? Why do they act like that?

Seeing polymers in action in everyday life will really help you remember which polymers are useful for what. If you've ever looked at something made of polymers, like soda bottles, car tires or even the fabric in your clothing, and asked yourself "how did they do that?","how does that work?", or "what does this do?" then see if you can find the answer.

Below are some polymer questoins we have answered or are working on. Use them as an inspiration for your own questions. And let us know if you come up with some good questions or answers and maybe we can add them to this site.

Why does shrink wrap plastic shrink?
What do those recycling numbers mean?
What are Optical Fibers made of?
There are polymers in my shampoo!?
Why do tomatoes turn some plastic containers red?
How do they make colored plastics?
Why does Saran wrap cling to itself?

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