Regional Polymer and
Marine Science Summer Institutes

These three, annual Polymer and Marine Science 18-day Institutes will confer four-semester hours of graduate or undergraduate credit to participating pre- and inservice teachers and specialists; in all probability the research faculty and postdoctoral students will not need additional credit hours. Institutes will address polymers within oceanography and coastal processes through a combination of lectures, field trips, classroom demonstrations, hands-on activities, and interactive, multimedia tutorial programs. Participating educators will primarily use the Oceanography and Coastal Processes Resource Guide and complementary CD-ROM for the marine science content, as well as the Macrogalleria CD-ROM for polymer science content (note: hard copy of this CD-ROM is currently being compiled and will be field-tested in the fall of 2000). The Oceanography and Coastal Processes Resource Guide was previously developed and field-tested by the 1993-1997 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) /Office of Naval Research (ONR) /Department Of Interior sponsored Consortium of Oceanographic Activities for Students and Teachers (COAST): Operation Pathfinder participants. This Resource Guide was aligned with the National Science Education Standards in the fall and spring semester of 1998 and 1999 and a second edition was printed and may be found on-line at . The Resource Guide was pressed on CD-ROM and made interactive using NOAA and Navy (unclassified) data sets during spring of 1999. Each of the 81 lessons in the Resource Guide involves a minimum of two hours for implementation; these activities are currently being infused into the former 700 Operation Pathfinder participants' curricula. wrong? Could this hurt someone else? What should I be looking for?"



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