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The first thing we have to get out of the way is to explain just what a polymer is. A polymer is a large molecule, often containing many thousands of small molecules joined together chemically to form one giant macromolecule. While the terms macromolecule and polymer are used synonymously, you'll see the word polymer used more often. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. At this point you may be asking, "What has all this got to do with me?" Lots, as you'll find out if you stay with us awhile. That said, get on our escalator and go to the floor you'd like to visit:
Level One: Where Polymers Are Level One: Polymers are Everywhere
On this level you can wander through our many shops to find just where polymers show up in the real world.
Level Two: Types of Polymers Level Two: Polymers Up Close and Personal
If you're feeling a little more adventurous you can go straight to Level Two. There you can go directly to the source and get the lowdown on whichever polymer strikes your fancy.
Level Three: Polymer Behavior Level Three: How They Work
Now for the really adventuresome out there, we have Level Three, where you'll find out why polymers act they way they do: the hows and whys, the nuts and the bolts of it all. Click on the topic that looks interesting to you, and from there feel free to wander about.
Level Four: Polymer Synthesis Level Four: Makin' Polymers
For there to be polymers, someone has to make polymers, and this level will show you how it's done. You'll learn how to make just about anything polymeric up here.
Level Five: Polymer Analysis and Characterization Level Five: Getting Polymers to Talk
How do we study polymers? How do we get them to give up their secrets? This level will tell you all about how we study a polymer once we've made it.
Level Six: Polymer Processing Level Six: Polymer Processing
So, how do they make all those great polymers into things we use every day? Look here to see what happens to raw materials and how they're processed into useful polymer objects.
How Polymers Work How Polymers Work
Check our information booth to see questions and answers about polymers in everyday life. Find out cool stuff like why shrinkwrap shrinks and what recycling numbers mean. You can also ask us your burning questions about polymers.

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