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Paul Lemur
Learn more about the polymers around you and enter one of our polymer contests. You could win something cool, like a CD ROM or a Paul Lemur T-shirt!

Look all around you and you can find polymers! They're a part of pretty much everything you do. Without polymers we couldn't do anything - like going to school of playing baseball or watching TV.

Check out the pictures of Paul doing different activities, like swimming or shopping. All the arrows are pointing to objects which are made of polymers. There are certainly polymers in some of the things that you like to do. So draw a picture of Paul Lemur doing one of your favorite activities, and be sure to draw in arrows showing at least three objects in the picture that are made of polymers.
Paul Lemur's Everywhere!
You can get some ideas by looking at our picture, or by going to Level One of the Macrogalleria and checking out some of the stores there. But don't copy what you see here. We want some great ORIGINAL pictures of Paul in action. Contest details...

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