Polymer Science Learning Center

Draw Paul!
a contest for grades 4 through 7

Do you like drawing, camping or flying a kite? These are just a few examples of fun activities which use polymers. Your job is to think of an activitiy or hobby that you enjoy and draw a picture of Paul Lemur doing that activity. You also have to figure out three things in that activity which are polymers and label them in your picture. If you can find more than three things that are made fo polymers label them also.

So how do you figure out which things are polmers? Just go to Level One of the Macrogalleria polymer mall and take a look in some of your favorite stores to find things that are made of polymers. You can also look around Polydelphia. Check out the polymers in the ocean or at the movie theater. These places can give you a few good ideas.

If you are one of the winners or the runners-up in our contest you will get your drawing published on the Paul Lemur website. You will also receive a cool prize. There will be one winner and one runner-up in each grade. Winners will receive a Paul Lemur T-shirt and a Macrogalleria polymer CD-ROM. Runners up will each receive a Macrogalleria CD-ROM.


1. Kids in grades 4 - 7 may enter, one entry per person. One winner and one runner-up will be selected from each grade. Winners in each grade will receive a Paul Lemur T-shirt and a Macrogalleria CD-ROM. Runners-up will receive a Macrogalleria CD-ROM.

2. Each entry must be accomapnied by an official entry form, which you may print from this link. This form gives us permission to publish any of the drawings we recieve on our web pages.

3. Drawings must be in color and no larger than 11 x 14 inches. Use crayons, markers, paint, colored pencils, or any other color medium. You may choose to send a quality color photocopy, since all drawings received will become property of Polymer Science Learnng Center and will not be returned.

4. All drawings must be original ideas - not copied from any of our pictures here - and there must be at least three labeled examples of things which are made from polymers.

5. Drawings will be judged on originality, creativity, and correct labeling of objects made of polymers, as well as on artistic ability.

6. Contest entries must be received by (date) and winners will be notified via email and snail mail by (date). Winners will also receive their prizes via US mail at the time of the announcement.

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