What is the make-up of blood?
What is my blood type?
Why synthetic blood?
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Welcome to Blood Buddies! This study will answer your questions about blood. What makes up blood? Where does it go in your body? Are there different blood types? Why is there a need for synthetic blood? And many other questions about blood.

You will look at mammalian blood. What is a mammal? TAKE THE QUIZ

If we were to look closely at a sample of mammalian blood we would see a number of different solids in a liquid sea. What are these solids? What is the liquid that holds them? To find the answer to these questions click on the first block on the left hand side of this page.

Want to know more about the types of blood and what your type might be? Click on the second box on the left.

Click the third box to discover the hows and whys of synthetic blood.

Your teacher might want to click on the fourth box to use some cool lab activities.