Gelatin - A Natural Polymer that you use Every Day!

Authors:Wayne Goates: Kansas Polymer Ambassador
Mary Harris: Missouri Polymer Ambassador
Gina Watkiss: Georgia Polymer Ambassador

What is gelatin used for?
binders for paper money cosmetics
bonding for the tip of matches bakery products
photographic film whipping agent in dairy products
medicine emulsions hardening of jams and jellies
treatment of wounds as a sponge marshmallows

  What is this natural polymer anyway?

    Basically it is a protein substance obtained from the boiling of bones and connective tissue. But where does the raw material for gelatin come from ????.  You guessed it!  The meat industry where all that't left but the moo is converted to gelatin. The end result is a pale yellow, dry powder.  The powder is about 85% protein, 13% water, and 2% mineral salts.  It is free of additives and preservatives.  Gelatin contains about 18 different amino acids joined together in a chain.  Eventually a triple helix or triple spiral is the complex molecule that gives the polymer its unique ability to "gel" things.
History of this great polymer:
Activities using gelatin:
Creepy Wigglers - Grades 1-3
Gumdrop Necklace - Grades 1-3
Gummy Bears - Grades 4-7
Prisms - Grades 7-9
Drug Delivery - Grades 7-9
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