Crabby's Cafe

Welcome to Crabby's Cafe! We offer a variety of choices off of our menu and daily specials. During the weekdays we have a buffet from 11 am to 1 pm where you can enjoy a little bite of everything, including some sushi and a whole lot of something you may not have been expecting... and that would be polymers. Of course not everything in here that is made of polymers is edible.

We can start with the chair that you are sitting in which is made of wood, a type of cellulose. Cellulose is a natural polymer which means that it is found in nature as is. It does not need to be produced in a factory, but it does need to be built. The table is made of the same thing and is covered with a cotton table cloth. Cotton is another natural polymer, and is a type of cellulose. The napkins are made of paper which are also part of the cellulose family.

Cellulose looks like this:

The most important part is the food of course. All of the shells of the crabs contain chitin, of one level or another. This includes lobster.

Note:The shells of these creatures are not the edible part. Please do not attempt to eat them, it would not be good.

Oysters also contain some chitin in their shells, but the part that we eat has protein.

Protein looks like this:

Of course it won't look like this while you are eating it, thankfully, but it may look like this while it is being digested.

We also have our Crabby Kid's specials for those little ones who don't have as large of an appetite as their parents. For left overs we have togo boxes which are made of a foam polymer called polystyrene.

Enjoy the rest of your day at the Polyquarium!

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