Polymers from Dolphins

dolphins These dolphins are extremely popular mammals. They are friendly and smart and do some really neat tricks. The polymers found in these wonderful creatures are pretty much the same as those found in whales.

The most common natural polymer found in dolphins is protein, it is also the most common natural polymer found in all of the mammals.

Protein looks like this:

Different types of protein is used in things such as fishing rods. Our history shows that protein was also used in skirt hoops, carriage springs, umbrella ribs, and laces in corsets.

Animals' skins are a type of protein called collagen. The skins can be made into leather by a process called tanning in which the skin is crosslinked. This crosslinking makes the skin very strong and durable.

Oils, from the blubber of dolphins, can be synthesized and used as fuels in lamps. The oils, which are also found in whales, sharks, and turtles, are used as bases for paints and cosmetics.

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