Polyquarium Gift Shop

Welcome to the Polyquarium Gift Shop. What you'll find here is a wide selection of toys, memorabilia and gifts that are made up of polymers, but not necessarily polymers that come from the sea, sweatshirt although I think any toys made out of chitin would not only be durable but rather interesting.

T-shirts are always available as well as sweatshirts, like the one you see here with the magnificent "Polyquarium" logo on it. This sweatshirt is made from cotton, but can be made from a combination of several different materials such as nylon and polyester. Cotton is a form of cellulose, which is a natural polymer.

Cellulose looks like this:

Toys are also made of polymers. stuffed animalsAs I said before these polymers do not necessarily come from the sea but these kinds of animals do and they can be found in other areas of our park. This picture is showing the stuffed version of some of the various animals found here at the park. The plush animals are stuffed with a polymer called polyurethane. Polyurethane is a foamy material. The outside material of the stuffed animals could be made up of a mixture of polyester and cotton.

Some other toys that can be found in our gift shop are plastic animals such as sharks, whales, seals and dolphins. Some are made of a hard plastic while others are a little more flexible and easier to maneuver when you are trying to scare your little sister. The type of plastic used in these toys is called polyisoprene, which is rubber.

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