Did you know.....?

corset Corsets were stiffened with whalebone and then tightened with laces made from baleen.

One of the ingredients used in ice cream comes from seaweed. ice cream

filter Some air and water filters are made up of the shells of tiny organisms, such as diatoms.

Sponges that were and are used for cleaning used to be living creatures. sponge

lipstick Some cosmetics, such as lipstick and hand creams, were and still are made with the oils of whales and sharks.

The chitin that is found in crab shells is also found in octopus, squid, worms, and in the shells of insects, such as cockroaches. chitin

eyeglasses Eyeglasses were once made from turtles

Some natives used the intestines of a walrus to make raincoats

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