Polyquarium Mission Statement


The mission statement of the Polyquarium is to learn about the polymers that come from the sea using pictures and some chemistry.


A long time ago, when man was first getting to know this planet, he was trying to keep food in his belly and clothing on his body to keep him warm. Many of these things he made by using the animals that he found on the land. The ocean at that time was a large mystery of questions and fears. When the bodies of once living creatures were found along the beaches, man began to wonder what else there was and started looking to the water for things to eat.

For many years, the only things useful that came from the oceans were shells, seaweed, fish and occasionally, really large fish that were found just lying on the beach. After he discovered how to float on the water and dive down into it, he opened up a whole new world of possibilities for more than just food and clothing.

Now we have the technology to make the things we need with materials other than those we previously had gotten from the sea. Items such as clothing, plastic containers, automobile parts, and electrical equipment are now all made with synthetic polymers. I am sure if the creatures in the sea knew this, they would be extremely grateful.

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