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Welcome to the Polyquarium Information Center! We are delighted that you have stopped by to visit us today. Here at the Polyquarium we use a variety of subject areas to help explain about the polymers that come from the sea, but the Polyquarium is only a portion of the information that is available about polymers. The mother of these pages is called the Macrogalleria which is an excellent introduction to the wonders of polymers all around us. If you are interested in learning more about polymers, than we highly recommend you visit this site and the parent site, the Polymer Science Learning Center.

The Polyquarium Map on the main page will lead you to specific areas in our polyquarium, or you may click on any item below to visit a particular site. All of the pages are linked to each of the other pages in some way, so exploring will eventually take you through the entire site. The polymer links will take you straight to the Macrogalleria, so you may want to bookmark the Polyquarium or you can hit the "back" button to get back here.

For those of you who are just beginning your polymer experience and would like to brush up on your basic polymer chemistry, click here.

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Basic Chemistry of Polymers

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