• Introduction to Polymers

    What are polymers anyway, and why do they have such unique properties? Plus basic information on molecular structure, molecular weights and uses of polymers.
  • Basic Polymer Synthesis

    Step-growth and chain-growth mechanisms discussed in detail with how these mechanisms determine molecular weights and distributions.
  • Basic Polymer Properties

    Molecular composition is discussed with respect to what properties result and how properties vary with nano- and micro-organisation of chains.
  • Polymer Analysis

    Techniques used to characterize polymers such as thermal and mechanical plus organization at each level of matter from molecular to macroscopic.
  • Organic Chem for Polymers

    Fundamental organic reactions used to make and modify polymers with emphasis on unique requirements for typical polymeric structures.
  • Advanced Polymer Synthesis

    Detailed examination of mechanisms of monomer reactions to generate families of commercial polymers from commodity to high performance examples.
  • Polymer Processing

    Correlations of molecular composition with processes used to transform representative polymers into commercially useful materials.
  • Polymer Applications

    An overview of polymer uses in everyday life extending to novel or high performance materials such as biomaterials and composites.