Recent Course Additions

  • Introduction

    For those of you who are new to materials. This "course" provides a general introduction to what polymers look like, how they're made in general, why their molecular structure controls their properties and where they're used in everyday life.

  • Basic Polymer Science

    Overview of polymer synthesis reactions, basic polymerization kinetics, molecular weights and distributions, and how molecular composition impacts behavior and properties.

  • Advanced Polymer Synthesis

    Graduate level course requiring organic chemistry. Array of polymer synthesis mechanisms are described in context of specific families of monomers and polymer structures. Examples of properties and uses based on structures discussed.

Move Forward With Polymer Education

You need to know about polymers as a K-12 student, teacher or parent; as a scientist or engineer working with polymers; as a professionl dealing with legal, medical, dental and pharmaceutical issues.

Polymers are part of almost every aspect of everyday life. You use polymers, you wear polymers and most important, you ARE polymers. To find out more about how you rely on polymers, visit our sister site, the Polymer Science Learning Center where you'll find information about polymers presented at all levels of learning and areas of interest.

And if you'd just like to test your knowledge of polymers at various levels, take a quiz or two, or as many as you like. You'll get instant feedback on what you do and don't know.