Environmental/Exposure Testing of Polymeric Coatings
Homework Opportunity #1a

After assigning a different environmental test to each group, have the students research their “test” and find real-life applications of the validity/purposeof their test and also parameters for their test.

Ex) Salt water test: Is the test applicable in your geographical vicinity?
What is the salt level in the coastal area closest to your school?
Most salt content levels are given in ppm or ppt---what do those abbreviationsstand for?
How can those readings be converted to metric values which can be replicatedin the lab?
Ex) Acid rain test: Is the test applicable in your geographical vicinity?
If so, what are the acid rain levels in your area?
What acids are commonly found in acid rain?
Explain the process of acid rain formation.
Ex) Mouth acidity test: What is the pH of the average human mouth?
What is a dental resin?
What comprises the silver fillings used in the past?
What is a photopolymer?
Ex) Basicity test: What common household cleaners are slightly basic?
Name a few household cleaners that are highly basic.
What kind of bottles are these solutions usually housed in?
For those housed in plastic bottles---what polymer comprises the bottle?
Why are some housed in plastic bottles and some in glass?