Kids' Macrogalleria

  Kids' Macrogalleria: The Kids' Macrogalleria a place where the young and young at heart can learn about the basics of polymer science. Join Paul Lemur and his friends as they take you on a tour of their mall and show you wonderful things about polymers that you use every day.  
Macgrogalleria The Macrogalleria: The Macrogalleria is divided into five levels. These are not meant to be skill levels, though some pages are more involved than others. The divisions are simply made based on the nature of the material.
Polymers that Save Lives: A fun journey to explore the science of fire, beginning with how and why things burn and moving on to what's being done to keep things from burning. The chemistry of this stuff is really neat - what happens on the molecular level is really the down-and-dirty of the how-and-why.
Protector Man Protector Man: The experiments in this module are designed to introduce high school students to physical characteristics of common polymer coatings in chemistry, physical science, or possibly physics class. Set up in comic book format, complete with villains and a superhero, Protector Man provides an exciting way to learn science. Teacher information and lab printouts are available.
Ball Bouncing   As the Ball Bounces: This module highlights three levels of a science activity involving the creation and testing of polymer balls. In an effort to introduce the term "polymer" to students of any age, polymer experiments are used to reinforce basic science concepts such as observation, comparison, volume, density, and temperature, as well as advanced concepts such as organic structures and polymerization.
Blood Buddies   Blood Buddies: This study will answer your questions about blood. What makes up blood? Where does it go in your body? Are there different blood types? Why is there a need for synthetic blood? And many other questions about blood.