Welcome to the Polymer Science Learning Center

The following is a small portion of the content available on the Polymer Science Learning Center website at http://www.pslc.ws/. Many of the pages have been disabled and others have been modified. This is so you can see just a little of what we have to offer at the PSLC. Some links have been converted to small pop-up windows with a brief description of the page that would connect with that link on the Internet. Once the content of these pop-up windows has been reviewed, please close the window with the provided button so other pop-up windows may be viewed.

For your convenience, this tour has been set up in two ways. First, you may explore the site, clicking links from one page to another. A linear tour has also been designed to take you through the highlights of the site. This tour can be followed with the buttons located at the top and bottom of each page (the first of these can be seen at the bottom of this page). Use your browser's "Back" button to return to pages you have already viewed. The sections of the site you will view are listed below.

Finally, to fully enjoy this site and take advantage of the multimedia content, a few plug-ins are needed:

Thank you, and enjoy the tour.

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