UWSP Input into PSLC Mission Statement

John Droske and Robert Badger

The Polymer Science Learning Center is an ambitious effort involving the collective resources and collaboration of individuals at three regional sites. The natural hub for this collaboration is the University of Southern Mississippi, where the original ideas for the PSLC were conceived. The other two sites will provide support to the effort, with each site contributing from its strengths. In particular, UWSP will assist with the transfer of known experiments into a multimedia format. Many of the targeted experiments resulted from previous UWSP educational efforts and we have both the scientific and computer expertise to see these put into user-friendly multimedia modules. In addition, UWSP could assist with beta testing of the new multimedia modules. Although, the current funding level is insufficient for offering a workshop at UWSP, we would assist with planning of the workshops to be held at other sites and we would be willing to serve as workshop co-presenters at the workshops at USM or CHF. If additional funding was procured, UWSP could offer workshops as a third regional workshop site. Additional funding also would allow development of additional new experiments and other novel educational resources.

CHF Input into PSLC Mission Statement

Mark Michalovic

Our mission is to teach polymer science to students of all levels in the most memorable manner possible to better prepare them for both chemical careers and life in a polymer-dependent world.

Mary Virginia Orna

The mission of the PSLC is to empower students to create the trajectory of the future of polymers by using the context of the past and the technology of the present.

Johnnie-Marie Whitfield

PSLC aims to become the best interactive web site in polymer education by pioneering an innovative hands-on, inquiry-based, multi-faceted learning environment for pre-kindergarten through adult explorers that will result in all polymer education ventures originating by choice with the PSLC.

USM Input into PSLC Mission Statement

Lon Mathias

To be the best multi-level, multimedia polymer education resource in the world.

Nancy Warren

Use the talents of each contributing PSLC member, from PI to student worker, to build a comprehensive multimedia polymer education offering for global use.

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