On this page we will give a summary of Polydelphia and information about Distance Learning and workshops we will be involved in or giving. We will list current projects that are supplements to the Macrogalleria.

Polydelphia: A Guided Tour

The virtual city approach to polymer education allows us to encompass many aspects of polymers and how they relate to the real world. Through Polydelphia's multimedia design, the user participates in self directed learning. This makes the site inviting for users at all levels. There is something for everyone. In Polydelphia, the user can learn by clicking. It creates an innovative and fun atmosphere in which to learn. A visitor to the city will find cultural, historical, educational, and recreational facilities commonly found in most cities. While in Polydelphia, do not be surprised to see a playground, movie theater, industrial park, schools, stores, amusement park, wharf, airport, hospital, conservatory and farmland. From the convention center to the city dump, Polydelphia is a city to explore and discover. Those who visit will leave with a new understanding of polymers and how they relate to the real world. We expect many return visitors.


BCCE - The 16th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
July 30th - August 3,2000
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
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