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Meet Paul. He's a ringtailed lemur, a small primate from Madagascar. Now He lives in the city of Polydelphia and explores the world of polymers. One of the first things he discovered here is that polymers are EVERYWHERE!

A polymer POLYMERS are large molecules. To the right is a model of what a polymer might look like. The reason they are so large is because they are made up of many smaller molecules that are all stuck together like blocks. The word "poly" in "polymer" means "many". A monomer These smaller molecules which make up a polymer are called MONOMERS. The word "mono" in "monomer" means "one". The picture to the left is the monomer that makes up the polymer above. Even though polymers are large, they are still too small to see, even through a microscope, because molecules are the smallest pieces of matter. Even though you can't see molecules, you CAN see polymers because they are made up of BILLIONS and TRILLIONS of these large molecules. When many similar molecules are all put together they form things like plastics and rubber.

Visit the Macrogalleria
Visit the Polyquarium
Visit the Macroplex
Paul Lemur can help guide you through some basics that will show you what a polymer is and just how many polymers you see and use every day. Follow the link to Activities and take a tour around town while you learn about polymers. This way you can explore some of the different places in Polydelphia, like the Macrogalleria - our polymer mall, and the Polyquarium - to see what polymers are in the oceans, or the Macroplex polymer movie theater. We also have some simple polymer demonstrations and videos in our Polymer School.

If you want to explore these places on your own then Paul will be around from time to time to help you out with a concept or to show you a cool activity to do. There will also be links to lead you back here to Paul's Page.

We hope you have fun, and enjoy your visit here in Polydelphia.

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