Hello, and welcome to the Dollar Dungeon! One of the wonderful things about polymers is that many of them are so inexpensive considering the amazing things they can do. Nowhere is their low cost more evident than here, where nothing costs more than $1! These one dollar beverage huggers are made out of polyurethane foam.

These one dollar food containers are made out of polypropylene. Sometimes high quality microwaveable dishes are made from poly(ether sulfones), but they're expensive, so you won't find them here!

This hair bow is made out of some very inexpensive nylon.

So many bandanas, so little time. Bandanas like these are made of blends of polyester and cotton, which is mostly cellulose, a natural polymer.

Here's a toy race car. Real race cars are made out of high performance polymers like carbon fiber and Kevlar, but this toy is made from polystyrene.

A long ago artificial flowers were made from silk, and silk is a polymer too. It's a kind of protein. Silk flowers were very expensive, but nowadays we can make nylon flowers like these that are much cheaper.

When you cook out you need ketchup and mustard, and something to hold them is a good idea, too. That's why we have these polyethylene squeeze bottles.

When you're cleaning up after your cookout you can wash your dishes with this scrubber. It's sponge head is made out of polyurethane foam. I'd say that we're not at liberty to tell you what that sponge is supposed to be shaped like, but really we have no idea what it's supposed to be. Its handle is polyethylene, by the way.

Also good for those more stubborn dirty dishes is this sponge with a scouring pad stuck to it. The sponge is made of polyurethane foam, and the scouring pad is made of nylon.

Polymers also help to keep you clean. The shower caddy is made from polyethylene and the "vinyl" shower curtain is made from poly(vinyl chloride).

If you like to cook, you might need a rubber spatula. The rubber heads of these spatulas are made of polyisoprene and the handles are polyethylene.

Or you might need a spatula like this one. It and the spoon are made of polyethylene, except for their steel handles.

And lastly we have these brightly colored stadium cups. They're made of polyethylene as well.

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